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Visualizing your brand on site

Branding is essential for staging your brand on location. It is part of your brand image and creates the basis for coherent communication via film and photo shoots.

For this purpose, we design a detailed branding plan for you during the planning phase of the event and coordinate it with you in detail. In this way, you will know long before the event is implemented what your brand presence will look like on site. The branding plan serves as a coordination medium between you and us as well as a roadmap during the event itself.

Of course, we are also happy to take care of production as well as assembly on site. The creation of further advertising and print media is also no problem for us.

Show it to everyone!

Our experienced media team creates event and image films as well as photo shoots and other content for your internal and external communication channels. You can also entrust the management of your social media channels before, during and after the event as well as the preparation of the corresponding content to our team without hesitation.

Here, we work exclusively with special equipment for the respective area of application in order to guarantee professional results. To achieve the best possible results, we also provide filming and editing from a single source! Thus, recordings can be planned and processed in a targeted manner.

Optional: Mediaoffice in the truck!

If desired, the truck can be equipped with a mobile media editing suite. In addition to a modern, high-performance computer specially designed for graphic workflows, this also enables work on two screens. Short video clips or even entire films can be evaluated, edited and finalized within a very short time during the event.

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